Labour disputes between employees and employers are manifold...

Dismissal ? Warning ? Intimidation ? Restructuring ? Unfair competition ? Unpaid salary ? Employment certificate ? Collective labour agreement ? Work permit application ? Accident ? Unemployment insurance ?… ?…

Resolve these problems with a lawyer ? Some hesitate to even think about it !

And yet...


...simple solutions exist

In a world in which employment is increasingly regulated and complicated, knowing one’s rights and trying to assert them effectively can be a real struggle. A long and costly lawsuit may be avoided by getting sound legal advice. Consultation with a lawyer opens a constructive dialogue that can lead to an expeditious finding of appropriate solutions.

When faced with an impasse, recourse to an experienced lawyer enables the assertion of one’s rights in an efficient and thoroughly legitimate way.

...what to do?

Take the leap. Do not wait to find yourself in a disintegrating situation. Simple steps can be sufficient to quickly resolve a problem. Contrary to the received wisdom, the assistance of a lawyer saves time and money.

In a complicated situation, your defence and your ability to assert your rights are crucial. You must be able to count on a lawyer who is readily available, skilled and combative. In view of the impact that a dispute regarding labour law may have on the employee’s daily life or the company’s future, a personalized and appropriate strategy must be developed in a relationship of trust.

From the outset, it is essential to take the measures that are necessary from an overall perspective with respect to both the personal and financial stakes. The cost of a lawyer must not put a brake on an efficient defence. Hence, if your financial resources are modest, you can apply for legal aid.

...why us?

Trained at the Universities of Lausanne and Saint-Gall, Mr. Matthieu Genillod is thoroughly knowledgeable and deeply engaged in labour law. A member of the Vaud Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association, he provides counsel to both employees and employers and represents them before courts. He also assists businesses in the development of labour relations in cooperation with the human resources department. After completing his postgraduate academic training (MBL/LL.M.), Mr. Genillod worked in the legal department of a large French-speaking Swiss group. He is deeply involved in labour law almost daily, as vice-presiding judge of the District Labour Court of Lausanne and as vice-presiding judge of the Labour Court of the Vaud cantonal administration (TRIPAC).

Mr. Matthieu Genillod practises law at the Alphalex Avocats SA firm, of which he is the founder and the managing partner. Hence, he can count on the collaboration of lawyers experienced in labour law, and an efficient structure.

He also has a large network of professionals at his disposal, which enables him to respond to a wide variety of situations (appraisers, occupational physicians, mediators, etc.). Devoted to his profession, Mr. Genillod also teaches in numerous institutions in French-speaking Switzerland.

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...where to find us?

Every day of the week at ALPHALEX AVOCATS SA.

Av. du Tribunal-Fédéral 1
1005 Lausanne
T 021 512 44 47


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Av. de la Gare 23-25
1800 Vevey
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...to get in touch with us

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 021 512 44 47 or by e-mail.

Avocat-travail.ch is not a legal permanence. Matthieu Genillod and his associates Mes Mathias Micsiz, Stéphanie Zaganescu, Me Jeanne Clerc, Me Dévi-Victoria Dupuis and Me Emilie Brabis Lehmann, work in the law firm ALPHALEX AVOCATS SA.

For any general legal question or information on the judicial organization, you are invited to consult the website of the Vaud Judicial Order or that of the Vaud Bar Association (OAV).

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